Drainage Solutions From A Beaumont Roofer

Beaumont Roofer

Beaumont roofingGetting a new roof installed comes with all kinds of challenges. One you may not have thought of right away, though, is that of your drainage. The weather may be kind now, but what are you going to do if the weather turns on you? How do you protect your roof?

Luckily, experts in Beaumont roofing have installed thousands of drainage systems on roofs over the years. Here’s what we’ve found works the best in our years of installing roofs and drainage solutions. Keep this in mind when you’re looking to update your roof.

Why Your Drainage Is So Important

Surely water just runs off a roof? You’d think so, but look up at your roof. It’s actually got a sophisticated system to make sure that water never gets into the roof and the timbers themselves. That’s because any water that gets into your roof gets trapped there. It can lead to mold and mildew, as well as rotting any wood it comes into contact with.

Because of this, any Beaumont roofing company will tell you that proper roof and drainage installation is vital. That way you can avoid any potential disasters down the line, and prolong the life of your roof.

Good Quality Guttering Is The Best Drainage Solution

The answer to drainage on your roof is a good quality drainage system. This includes gutters that can stand up to the elements, but also includes all the parts that go with it. For example, you’ll need good fascia boards and soffits, as they perform two functions. One, they seal off the exposed timbers of your roof while giving ventilation, meaning water can’t get in. Secondly, they’re what your guttering hangs on, so it needs to be good quality.

Your gutters and drainpipes themselves need to be good quality, as they should last you for years to come. In the past, people have used cast iron gutters, but they can degrade over time. If you’re looking for new gutters now, you’re better off with PVC ones. These are great as they can take a battering from the rain, can easily be cleaned, and don’t require painting and other cosmetic maintenance.

Flat Vs. Pitched Roofs

Beaumont RooferWhen you’re looking at replacing a roof, or building a new one, you have the choice of a pitched or flat roof. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but there’s one apparent clear winner when it comes to drainage. A pitched roof is surely better, as rain water can simply run down it and into the gutters, which will lead the water down into the ground.

However, a flat roof could be just as good. Next time you see a flat roof, look at it closely. A Beaumont roofer will have built it at a slight angle, so rather than being totally flat it slopes down gradually. That means that the water will still run off the roof. If you choose to do this, make sure that an overhang on the roof is built.

That way, the water will go straight into the guttering without touching the walls. You can also have a drain built into the roof, that allows water to run into it much like a plug hole. Consult with your roofer and decide what’s best for you and your home.

Maintaining Your Guttering

To keep your guttering working properly, you do need to keep an eye on it. Debris, such as leaves in the fall, can fall of your roof and make its way into the gutters. This can clog them up, causing overflow and potential damage to the timbers of your roof.

However, it’s easy to avoid these problems. All you have to do is periodically grab a ladder and take a look at your gutters. Simply scoop out any debris you find and the water will flow freely again. There are even products you can buy that stop leaves getting in in the first place.

Consult With A Professional

If you want to know more, contact us. We can help you decide on the best drainage solution for your roof, and install it for a reasonable price. We know everything there is to know about roofing, so call on an expert to protect your home from the elements.