Let a Beaumont Roof Installation Raise your Property Value

New Roofing Adds to Beaumont Property Value

Beaumont roof installationWhen deciding to sell their homes, owners look for various ways in which they can increase their property value before selling. Among those solutions, installing new roofing increase property value to Beaumont homes. It is one of the easiest and most cost effective solutions available; however, homeowners are still skeptical of whether or not a new roof installation will actually make a difference in the property’s value in terms of selling.

Actually, it is. A Beaumont roof installation can increase the resell value of your home by at least $12,000; estimated at a rough margin between 15-40%.

How New Roof Installations Add Value to Your Beaumont Home

While homeowners aiming to sell are try to find ways to maximize their prospective selling price, the potential buyers are looking to find a quality home for their hard earned dollar. The installation of a new roof benefits both parties significantly; The selling owners can list their homes for a larger asking price, meanwhile the potential buyers can rest assured that they won’t have to doing roofing repairs any time soon.

A new roof installation can also rid your potential buyers of any other concerns; such as high energy bills due to heat loss currently experienced outdated roofing materials and a potential leak in weakened or worn areas.

In terms of looks, a new roof installation can make the home seem more modern and appealing. The various materials provided allow for an endless array of roof installations in which you can dress your Beaumont home to fit the tastes of potential buyers.

Potential Return of Interest on New roof installations

No one is able to recover 100% of the funds invested in new roof installations; the average owner will only see 63% of their initial roofing costs returned. This is still considered a more than reasonable return of interest.

Consider This before Purchasing Roof Installation in Beaumont

roof installation in BeaumontThe most important decision will be the use of materials chosen for your Beaumont roof installation project; you will have to find out which fit your intended budget plan and structure design for the home. Here are the top choices for roofing supplies in Beaumont.

  • Wooden Shingles: Lasting at least 25 years, wooden shingles come with some restrictions in certain areas as they are prohibited in known Forest Fire areas. You will have to check with your contractor, who can inform you as to what materials are best for such weather conditions in your area.
  • Asphalt Shingles: The least expensive, Asphalt shingles are made of a mix of asphalt and fiber glass. You can select between single layer asphalt shingles, which can last up to 15 years, or the other costly selection of laminated asphalt shingles which can last up to 25 years. These light weight roofing materials can be used in various projects and home designs- not just roofing alone.
  • Metal Roofing: Lasting a minimum of 50 years, this is by far the most durable building supplies available. Fire resistant and typically coming in Steel, Aluminum, or Copper, these long sheets of metal are bonded together at their seams to create a foundation for the roof and then shingled over with Lead installments. An additional benefit of the Lead and Metal roofing installations, such as copper, is the beauty of the natural tarnish developed over time. It adds a bit to the exterior decorum and personality of the home.
  • Tile, Slate, and Cement: With a timeless look and outstanding life span, these materials can last up to 100 years. They can be very expensive depending on your provider and come with various downsides in potential construction design. For example, these heavy materials will not be appropriate in the case that you would like to incorporate a pitched or flat roof, the weight bearing capabilities of certain materials to hold it in place, etc.

Adding the Finishing Touch to Your New Beaumont Roof Installation

More than just a pretty touch, adding the finishing touches to your roof is just as important as the roofing selections. For example, the addition of Rain Gutters assists in the proper dislocation of excessive water flow to necessary drainage areas. It also adds to the design by providing the visual aesthetic enhancements needed to complete the new modernized look of your Beaumont roof installation.

A Long Term Property Investment

Deciding to restore your home with a new roof installation in Beaumont can be a smart decision for several reasons, whether deciding to sell or not. This is a long term investment that works in favor of both selling and buying parties. The seller has built upon the value of the home and can therefore ask a higher price for resell. The buyer is given the monetary security and peace of mind that their home will be able to weather any storm. Contacting a reputable Roofing Installation Company in Beaumont can provide you with the opportunity to discuss the costs associated with your project and the use of these popular roofing materials.