Four Things You Need to Know About Roof Leaks Before You Call a Beaumont Roofer

A leaky roof is certainly annoying but, more importantly, even a small leak can lead to larger problems over a short amount of time. A leaky roof can cause health-harming mold to grow, rot out your roof’s framing and sheathing, destroy insulation and damage ceilings. Even if water isn’t dripping down into your home, you’ll know that your roof has probably sprung a leak if you see water stains that extend across your ceiling or run down walls.

What to Do if You Have a Leaky Roof

professional roofing company in Beaumont

If you have a leaky roof, your best bet is to call a professional roofing company in Beaumont to come assess the problem and provide you with an estimate for repairs. But before you pick up the phone, here are four things you need to know about roof leaks.

  1. Stop the water damage. If you have water dripping into your home, move or put plastic covering over anything that can be damaged by water such as furniture, electronics, musical instruments and other items. Place a bucket under the leak to catch the water. To stop water from splashing out of the bucket, put a towel in the bottom of the bucket to absorb the splash. If the paint on your walls is bubbling or if your ceiling is bulging, puncture the bubbling area to release the water.
  1. Remove excess water. Next, thoroughly dry flooring, furniture, woodwork and anything else that was exposed to water. In doing so, you’ll help prevent wood from becoming stained and help prevent mold from growing. Use towels and rags to soak up water; fans can help circulate air to speed up drying and to help prevent mold and mildew from settling in.

If you have carpeted flooring that is soaked through, pull it away from the padding and expose both sides of the rug and pad to air to dry. If the damage is extensive, you’ll want to call a professional carpet cleaning company that offers water extraction from carpeting.

  1. Call your insurance company. Your insurance agent can let you know what is or is not covered by your policy and what, if any, deductible you may have.
  1. Call a licensed roofing company in Beaumont. While you could attempt to fix the roof yourself, only a licensed roofing contractor can assess and fix the problem properly so that it does not cause further damage or reappear later down the road. Be sure to get a detailed, written estimate from the roofer in Beaumont for repairs as well as a written guarantee for the work to be done.

The Best Roofer in Beaumont

When it comes time to choose a roofing company in Beaumont, you can’t go wrong with ABCO Roofing and Construction. We are a full service, highly experienced roofing company in Beaumont that specializes in roofing repairs and installations as well as repairs and replacements for siding, gutters, and windows. Our construction experts can also help with your remodeling projects and general home repairs.

Beaumont roof repairIn addition, we are not only licensed but we are also bonded. Bonding helps to make sure that your Beaumont roof repair job is covered in the event something goes wrong after the company declares the work done. If something still is not working properly after the job is completed, a bonded company will return and fix the problem free of charge.

ABCO Roofing and Construction is a family-owned company that has been in business since 1978. As a result, we have a solid track record of producing superior results at reasonable costs and in a reasonable amount of time. We have experience with a wide variety of roofing systems as well as with all types of roofing materials and styles. In choosing ABCO for your roofing services in Beaumont, you can rest assured that your roof will be intact for years to come and your valuable possessions protected from the outside elements.

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