Three Types of Storm Damage that will require Beaumont Roof Repair

Life in Texas has a ton of perks. Texans, after all, are some of the proudest people in American when it comes to touting the virtues of their home state.

The tax rates are great. There is a spectacular mix of wide open spaces mixed with cities that provide the entertainment and employment that make life fun. The citizens of the great state are extremely diverse and bring unique flavor to Texas – something no other state can match.

So that is the good stuff about Texas. But you won’t hear very many people talking about how much they enjoy the weather in Texas. It gets really hot. It can get unbearably humid.

And when storms hit Texas, they can sometimes be classified as nothing short of violent. Not just a hard rain – we’re talking about the types of storms that can do major damage to homes.

That’s where we come in at ABC Roofing. We offer Beaumont roofing service that will get your home looking the way it did before severe weather came along and did a number on your domicile.

Beaumont roofing service

Here are three different types of storm damage that our experienced crews can help you rebound from quickly

  • Hail damage

Texas hail can get massive. Ever seen golf balls fall from the sky? Texas is a great place to find it.

Your home can suffer severe damage from hail, and it doesn’t even have to be massive chunks of hail to hurt your shingles. Most people have asphalt shingles on their roofs and hail will blast away the granules that coat the outsides of the shingles, and those spots are then much weaker than the rest of the shingle. Sure, the shingle may look intact, but once hail blasts a spot away, you have a weak spot for water to get in.

It looks like bruising. The shape of the hail chunks will leave indentations but it can be difficult to assess just how many spots have weaknesses. And that is why a Beaumont roofer is the best option. Call us if you think you have hail damage to any spot on your roof.

  • Heat cracking

It doesn’t have to deal with a storm to be something that can make your roof weak and dangerous. Texas gets hot. Extremely hot. A lot.

A prolonger heat wave can do extensive damage to your roof if it is already a bit weak, and can leave you ill-prepared for storms whenever they roll in.

Heat cracking is most common in asphalt shingle roofs, which is the most popular type in the nation. The composition of the shingles changes when exposed to excessive sunlight and heat, and cracks develop, weakening the shingles to the point where they need to be replaced.

This is much less common for people who are fortunate enough to have large trees shading their homes. But if your roof is exposed to direct sunlight all year long, you are at risk of cracking.

Sometimes it is caused by heat alone. But other times it can be because of poor shingles and you could be entitled to class action compensation. A Beaumont roofing company like us can assess the damage and maybe give you the information you need to file a claim for compensation.

  • Snow damage

When you think of Texas you likely don’t consider snow. While it does not happen all that often, Texas can get snow and ice storms that bring daily life to a standstill.

The big worry is that snow in Texas is rarely fluffy or light. It comes loaded with moisture and it is extremely heavy. A lot of times, it is a mix of snow and ice, and that combo can do awful things to your roof in a short amount of time.

After a snow or ice storm, you may notice that there is sagging in your roof. If that is the case, you will definitely need roof repair Beaumont and you will need it fast. Get on the phone at the first sight of sagging, regardless of how the weather still is outside, and we will get over to take a look.